What to Expect

Every Rolfing session is individualized for the client and lasts between 75-90 minutes. Sessions may be scheduled as a part of a series or individually.

Each Rolfing Session begins with Kyle evaluating the client’s postural structure. The sessions then build upon the results of the previous one so that the overall results are cumulative. Sensations in the area being worked may range from pleasurable warmth to momentary discomfort. At times there may be little sensation at all. How you will feel during a Rolfing session depends on several factors including injuries to the area or tension caused by chronic stress.

Rolfing 10 Series

The “10 Series” is a progression of ten sessions that completely work through the entire body from head to toe. The goal of which is to systematically balance and optimize both the structure (shape) and function (movement) of the entire body over the course of the ten sessions.


“I have to say, after doing the series of 10 visits with Kyle, my issues from past injuries have greatly diminished. I have freedom from pains that have haunted me for well over a decade. I would highly recommend trying this approach to physical freedom from pain and discomfort due to injuries, accidents and just the stresses of life!” –Raquel Seibert

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